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Today marks the beginning of a new month and a long holiday weekend here. We’re packing up again to travel and visit family, and also to find ways to keep cool in this Southern heat. When the weather grows this stifling, it seems our family only wants to eat grilled or chilled foods: grilled meats and veggies, salads, chilled berries, and of course watermelon. For all of you looking for different ways to enjoy your watermelon, here are eight recipes I’m enjoying (or planning to make) right now. You can click the image to reach the recipe, and enjoy! I hope your weekend is slow, beautiful, and refreshing.

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  1. Hi, Bethany.

    These all look so delicious! Really want to try the cucumber recipe!

    Did anyone else let you know that the photo links to the recipe sites don’t work? Not sure if it’s just my computer, or not. I also noticed that the share buttons under each post don’t work either… I see them, but when I hover over them, they are not clickable. I would love to check out a couple of these recipes, so I just wondered if it’s me or if it doesn’t work for everyone.

    Also, I wanted to ask which Instagram widget you are using for your blog. I like how when you click on a photo, it enlarges it and stays on your blog page instead of taking you to Instagram. Is it custom, or is it one that anyone can find/use?

  2. We’ve been having more watermelon and cantaloupe to help keep us cool too. Thanks for sharing! The recipes look delicious.

  3. I found a thing on Pinterest that is 14 days of no-cook summer meals. I’ve tried several and they’re great! I can’t hardly stand to turn on the oven or stove these days!

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