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I know things have been quieter around here lately, but I promise they are anything but quiet offline. We’ve been wrapping up our school year, enjoying the most incredible spring weather, planning summer renovations on our new old home, and I recently lopped 6 inches off my hair. (Insert: sigh of relief.) I’ll catch you all up soon, but for now I want to announce this exciting giveaway with Mimok Jewelry. Cecilia, the Spanish creator behind Mimok, is giving away one of three necklace+earrings sets to a lucky reader. Cecilia is also giving 10% off all orders for cloistered away readers now through the end of August. Just enter the code: CLAWAY10BMK. You can read more about Mimok and enter the giveaway below. Good luck!


Tell us more about your work. At the moment, I’m focused on my Etsy shop, Mimok. I really enjoy working on it because I’m learning something new from the handmade business everyday, It’s so exciting! Local markets are the better place for me in the spring and summer seasons as I participate. They are full of fantastic people and stories, and if you try it, you’ll always learn chic tips from all those people you meet.

How did you start your business? I have played with beads since I was a little girl. On Christmas and birthdays my parents gave me wooden and plastic beads as I really enjoyed educational games and crafts. I remember some special moments of my childhood visiting and buying any kind of bead in the historian crafts stores of my city. Discovering Swarovski elements was a new world to me, as I fell in love with them! The next step was to learn beading . . . and here I am. My friends recommended me to sell my creations and that’s how I found Etsy.


Who/what inspires your work? As a history lover, I find my inspiration in historical moments and especially in the relationship between historical processes and cultural movements. I’m an admirer of the great empires, Egyptian, Mongol, Ottoman…their intellectual and artistic legacies are incalculable, and them inspired me. Music is in my life everyday, and especially when I am crafting, so every piece has a special story behind with great ambient music for each creation. Also I used to combine them with my personal style, and don’t forget to watch for trends!

Do you have any long-term goals for your business you want to share? I dream of recognizing and seeing some of my designs on the streets, here in my country or whenever. It’s a pleasure to see someone is wearing your handmade pieces. And step by step I hope everyone who received my creations will enjoy them.

mimok_jewelry_cloistered_away-2mimok_jewelrya Rafflecopter giveaway

Images by Fidelis Studio. Necklace and earrings c/o Mimok Jewelry.

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  1. They are lovely. I particularly like the Amon and Triangle necklaces.

  2. Thanks for the great interview. I really love the aquarius drop pendant and the turquoise ring . They are simple and stunning at the same time!

  3. Thanks for the introduction to this amazing artist. I love the Egyptian collection. The snake earrings and ankh pieces are beautiful.

  4. That Cecilia is an amazing and talented human being. I already have a few of her pieces and love them even more than I love to brag to my friends about my special handmade in Spain jewelry. There is also this little weird thing that I am not sure if it is sheer coincidence, but every time I wear any of her pieces my day is filled with such amazing luck.

  5. Holy cow! Everything is beautiful, especially that aquarius drop pendant and the turquoise ring!

  6. B, I love these photos with the girls. So sweet, my friend. Also, the sequins necklace set is my favorite.

  7. I always love reading about artists and where they find their inspiration. Her pieces are just gorgeous! I love the Triangle Necklace.

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