“a weekly portrait of my children in 2014”

liam //Although you’re intuitive, articulate, and well-read, you love to play. I love this mixture in you and am convinced you’re going to be one fun adult someday. You made a t-shirt for me this weekend for Mother’s Day with “I {heart} mom” on the front in large letters. You plan to wear it every year. I hope you do.

burke // this week you informed me, when you become an adult, you plan to buy an old school bus and paint it white. You’ll build a bed in the back and drive everywhere, stopping in empty fields to sleep so you don’t have to pay rent. My sweet, wilderness-loving introvert.

blythe // you see order in everything, from plant life to color to time. Although I sometimes have to remind you you’re not the mother, I’m grateful for all the ways you help keep me in order.

olive // although this image was a little blurry, I had to keep it because words often fail me when I try to describe your passionate nature. One time, you were angry at my telling you no. As you stomped away from me, you stopped at the piano, lifted the lid, looked me in the eyes while you hit three low staccato notes — bom, bom, bom — then you closed the lid again and walked off. I think often words fail you, too.



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  1. Oh gosh, Olive’s face in that last photo–too good! I had a piano in my childhood home, and whenever my younger brother was mad at me, he’d go and smash his fingers against the keys, because he knew it bothered me so. It was ‘my’ piano, since I was the only one who played, and I didn’t want his grubby hands on it! This photos reminds me of those days : )

    Hope you’re having a good week Bethany!

  2. Every time, man. I can really relate to Olive. She sounds a lot like me. =]

    “I’m. Mad. Now.”

  3. hysterical about olive!!!!!!!!!!!! so glad you are recording this photo and the piano exit.

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