Pound Cake, Berries, and Cream
One of the greatest pleasures of summertime is the abundance of color on the table. Berries and melons and leafy greens are in season, making it more reasonable than ever to feast on whole foods
“a weekly portrait of my children in 2014” liam //Although you’re intuitive, articulate, and well-read, you love to play. I love this mixture in you and am convinced you’re going to be one fun adult
Burke, this evening at 10:36 you turned eight. Even now, as I listen to your unrestrained laughter with friends in the other room, I can scarcely believe it. Eight years. Just. Like. That. Most mornings,
Seven years, Burke? Could it really be seven years since I held your new six pound frame, so fragile and unknown to me? Is it that possible for seven years to now stand between me
{this moment}: an evening game of chess
{this moment}: A Friday ritual. A single photo capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor, and remember.
happy 5th birthday burke.
You are a force, Burke. Not the force, but a force nonetheless. Whether throwing your body to tackle someone or wrapping your legs and arms around another for a large hug, you play and love hard.
little words
In honor of today, the kids and I have been reading books and talking about MLK Jr., which of course has led to much larger conversations of segregation, perseverance, hatred, and the power of words
little words
This one is for the lot of you who so patiently keep returning here to our poor, neglected blog. Yes, you, who regularly request by email, by phone, or in passing conversation for more, more,
happy 4th birthday, burke.
You and your brother love to hear and tell stories. It’s not uncommon for either of you to dictate a story for me to transcribe so in turn you can illustrate it. Recently, you told one like this,