happy 3rd birthday, sweet boy.
We’re late to be somewhere, anywhere. You approach me and ask, “Mom, will you put on my shoes?” I bend down, wrestling to force your limp foot into submission while supporting your weight bearing down
the powdered sugar incident
So this last week I’ve been cleaning out the kids rooms of toys, books, and needless junk to make room for more toys, books, and needless junk. Anyway, the other day while in the midst
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, part one
I really love the Christmas season: pageants and ballets, music and lights, Christmas trees, hot chocolate (or peppermint mocha’s), white elephants, parties, friends and family, and of course for the Douglass family, a little thing called
little words
Burke: I don’t like cats. Bethany: Why don’t you like cats, Burke? Burke: They want to poop in my sandbox. ——————————————————————— (Mark is correcting Liam and poking his finger into Liam’s chest.) Mark: Don’t…again. Liam: