happy birthday olive kay douglass.



olive kay douglass

march 4, 2009 10:52 am

6 lbs  2 0z       18 1/2 in

Last summer we found out that you, Olive, would be in our family. Since then the five of us have loved you, waiting expectantly to see you, hold you, and know you. Liam, Burke, and Blythe would take turns rubbing my swelling belly or poking my protruding belly button, whispering sweet secrets to you in the womb or praying for your protection. Daddy and I would watch you roll around under my skin, shoving your tiny foot against my belly button, wondering  what you look like and who you would be. On Wednesday, our wait was over as you came into our larger world through an intense but quick labor. As the doctor placed you on top of the belly you were inside of only moments before, I said “hello sweet olive,” and for the moment you stopped crying and looked in my direction as if to return my hello. And now, here you are — our little olive. We are all so delighted to have you in our family, sweet one. (thank you so much kristen & tim for the photos!)


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  1. congratulations! baby olive is beautifully and fits in wonderfully with your beautiful family! i bet you all are fabulous with your new addition!

  2. Congrats Douglass family! Olive is beautiful. 4 kiddos – wow! I love the picture of all of you on the bed.

  3. Welcome, Olive! A beautiful addition to a beautiful family. You ought to be in pictures. Oh, you are. Well, you ought to be in more pictures.

  4. mark and bethany,
    congratulations! thank you for the pictures, she is so beautiful (and i don’t say that often). i can already see you guys in her. love.

  5. i love the picture of you & olive. you both look so beautiful. joy to the world….another little douglass has been born!

  6. Congrats, guys. She’s a masterpiece. You know, we’ve got the option for a three-way share of a birthday party in a year.

  7. AHh sweet Olive!!!
    I love the family picture, It looks like Liam is the one who just gave birth.

  8. I’m so happy for you and your family Bethany. Such joy!

  9. i keep looking at that beautiful picture of olive, i hope we can come see her on the april 18 weekend when scotts family comes to bryan. is that still happening. love seeing the family picture in the hospital, was liam being quite or real excited i couldn;t tell

  10. Sweet Bethany,

    I’m so happy that your arms are holding a new little one. Olive looks as beautiful as precious Blythe. How blessed you all are!

    We would love to see you the next time your in town.


  11. Congrats to you all! She is precious and I love her sweet name! We will be in town at the first of April…I would love to meet her! Love you all!

  12. Congratulations!! So exciting and she is, of course, so beautiful… like all your kids are. :) -jen

  13. Congratulations to all of you from both of us. She’s beautiful.

  14. Congratulations Bethany and Mark! She is beautiful!
    Love to your growing family from ours! :)

  15. Hey Bethany, she is beautiful and you look great too. What a blessing to have a large family already. We are praying for you all!

  16. Oh we are so thrilled! She is so slight and lovely. We are always so encouraged and blessed with thoughts of the douglas family… hope we can see you guys soon! Congratulations.
    Jesse, Chelsea, Jackson & Moses

  17. Welcome Miss Olive. I am so glad your Aunt Kristen and Uncle Tim are such great photographers! Kudos to Mom for being brave and strong, and to Dad for making it through. We love you all and are looking forward to getting to see all of the Douglasses in person soon.

  18. She’s amazing! If I were to guess…I would say she is more of a Wall than a Douglass…but perhaps it’s too early to tell. So happy for this sweet blessing. Love you Olive. Can’t wait to hold you soon! Aina, Caleb, & Charlotte

  19. congratulations, bethany!!! she is so beautiful and precious! we are so happy for you guys. xoxoxo

  20. Bethany, she’s beautiful! What an honor it was to be able to see you the night before y’all greeted her! :) Can’t wait to meet her in person! Thanks for the pictures.

  21. congratulations!!!! she is beautiful. what a wonderful addition to your family. as usual, you are able to capture such wonderful emotion in your words and i L O V E her name. :)

  22. she is gorgeous and you are so blessed two of each wow, you are truly a super mom how you do it i do not know. But i know that God will help you all the way like he has thus far. Congratulations, and you are amazing . can not wait to see the douglass;s new littl olive kay

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