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liam's missing teeth

I quickly informed my disheartened 5 year-old son that in another 10 years he will be grateful that his teeth are NOT curling out of his mouth and around his jaw. For now, he will just have to trust me.


In our home, we have attire reserved specifically for weddings. We refer to them as “wedding shirts” (even if we happen to wear them to an event other than a wedding).  This last weekend when Liam noticed me and Mark packing up our wedding clothes, he started a conversation that went a little something like this:

Liam: Where are we going?

Mark: To a wedding.

Liam: (his body sagging over in complete disapproval) Uhhhh.

Mark: There will be dancing there.

Liam: Rock and Roll?

Mark: I believe so.

Liam: (enthusiastically) Where’s my wedding shirt?

He is most definitely my son. And just to give you a little glimpse of some of their moves, here’s a brief video Aina took of the boys almost two years ago at my brother’s wedding. They give lessons, if you’re interested.

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