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I met my mom for lunch and ice cream yesterday and then left all of my children with her for Nina Camp, a week of fun the grandparents host/plan each summer. The only prerequisite for this special week is that you are at least five in age (and their grandchild, of course). This is Olive’s first year to go–the first thing she mentioned the morning of her fifth birthday–meaning she has officially graduated into the “big kids” category, and subsequently, Mark and I close a chapter of parenthood. We no longer have babies.

Typically, Mark and I would seize this opportune week for a romantic adventure, just the two of us. However, this year, with the kitchen still in-process and our checkbook tighter than ever, we’re enjoying a “stay-cation” as they say–meaning we’re working on the house and working our jobs instead (you know, in hopes of relaxing that tight checkbook). Don’t feel too sorry for us, though. The kitchen is turning out beautifully, and we’re indulging ourselves a bit this week by eating out for breakfast, going to the movies, drinking good beer and malbec, listening to audiobooks while we work, and enjoying silence or one another when we’re not. It’s the little things, right?

In the meantime, I apologize for the sporadic posting here and hope after this renovation to be less flaky and return to some sort of normalcy, whatever that means. Hang with me, friends. Updates on our kitchen progress are coming soon. xo

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  1. I think a staycation is my favorite kind of getaway! I’m never as relaxed somewhere new as I am at home. Even when home is a work in process! I hope you enjoy the silence!

    1. Author

      It was such a gift of a week, in spite of working–although it was a little surreal (but restful) to be working through our typical routine without the kids.

  2. A stay-cation actually sounds wonderful. Sometimes all I want is a few days to myself rather than an exotic holiday. I hope it was perfect!

    1. Author

      Well, that’s exactly what we got this time, and it was delightful (in spite of having to work). Thanks, Samantha.

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