“Mom, can I be a dancing girl, even when I’m a grown-up?”


All is quiet.
But I hear it approaching,
her spirit and body tapping on the earth.
Smiling toward her toes, she already knows
awakening is coming.
She leaves her chair to be
alone, swaying with the music of her heart,
and aglow with light’s golden rays.
She, golden
spinning into the sparkling day,
and for a moment, lost
to that engulfing light and the sounds within
her, out of my reach.
But she doesn’t notice
or care. Still she dances,
a blurry twirl of incandescence.
Unashamed. Free.

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  1. um….did you write this? i feel like this was a writing by some famous person that i should know, so forgive my ignorance. but it’s beautiful. i’m so glad my daughter will have such a gifted aunt to write such beauty for her as well:)

    1. Funny. Yes. I, a quite obscure person in the world, wrote it. But as always, thanks for the encouraging words.

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