Sigur Ros


music is the shorthand of emotion.  — Leo Tolstoy

Can you imagine life without music?  I remember that scene in Shawshank Redemption where Tim Robbins’ character breaks into the warden’s office and plays the opera record, and how every tough jailbird stops, mesmerized by the beauty of the music. That’s how I feel when I listen to Sigur Ros: somewhere inside of me, a secret army of unspoken expressions, waiting patiently to emote, are finally recognized and liberated.  Sigur Ros accomplishes aurally what Radiohead does lyrically: it beautifully portrays the plight of my humanness. And because I am a person who really relishes my independence, it can be healthy for me to remember the devastation of self-reliance. Wow. That sounded dower. All I mean is that it’s good for me to remember that I am who I am and where I am because the Lord salvaged this destined-for-death-self and imparted — life. 

I can’t understand a word that they’re singing; it’s a combination of Icelandic (their native language) and Hopelandic (a language they’ve created). But, I take complete imaginary license with their music, using it to say, or sing, what I want. I hope they don’t mind.

Anyway, Sigur Ros released a DVD this last November, Heima. In it they filmed a series of 15 or so FREE concerts that they performed in Iceland at the end of their last world tour. They wanted to give back to the people (so incredible). So, they traveled to sporadic places in the mountains, towns, grasslands, etc. of Iceland to play, filmed it, and released this DVD. This is the higher quality trailer, or you can watch it below on youtube. It’s a fantastic film. Well, I suppose only if you enjoy their music — and I have friends who don’t. No harm done.



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  1. i’m really glad you said what “what radiohead does lyrically.” it would have been a little awkward if you had said, “what alanis does lyrically.” you oughta know that one dave coulier bashing song. yikes!

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