happy 3rd birthday, blythe.
This last year I often told people, “someone should write a book paralleling toddlers and teenagers.” Both stages, somehow awkardly trapped in the continuum of maturity, force all of us (at some point) to reconcile
happy 6th birthday liam
Dad and I often refer to you as a man trapped in a boy’s body: a man-child, I suppose. The other day we were talking about creation, memorizing the first lines in Genesis, when you
happy 4th birthday, burke.
You and your brother love to hear and tell stories. It’s not uncommon for either of you to dictate a story for me to transcribe so in turn you can illustrate it. Recently, you told one like this,
happy 2nd birthday, blythe.
This past summer, while in Florida, the whole group ventured out to dinner at a restaurant that we had been told was “kid-friendly.” Aside from actually having highchairs, this place was nothing of the sort
an animal petting party
As aforementioned, we went to Austin last weekend to celebrate our niece/cousin Ella’s third birthday (early — since they’re moving). By no understatement, the party was crazy. The kids loved it (aside from the little girl who
south texas + an 80 year-old woman
Last weekend we went down to south texas to celebrate Mark’s Nana’s 80th birthday. We partied with a water slide, a bounce house, a pinata, and lots of family and food. Below are some of
happy 3rd birthday, sweet boy.
We’re late to be somewhere, anywhere. You approach me and ask, “Mom, will you put on my shoes?” I bend down, wrestling to force your limp foot into submission while supporting your weight bearing down
my 29th birthday and dinner with the president
Well, sort of. Thursday was my 29th birthday. Mostly, it was a normal day — nice, but normal. I worked at the writing center in the morning and spent the afternoon hanging out with my family