Or “phree,” as you might say, holding your three fingers high in the air, as if to warn the world before you, “I’m coming!” And the world ought to prepare, Olive, for what’s stirring up
Olive, age 2
I must ask this question a dozen times daily, and here’s the snapshots to show why. Why silence is not necessarily a good thing in our home. Why Olive at almost three still requires 15
If Blythe has ever heard Shakespeare’s infamous metaphor about the world being a stage, she has no doubt taken it literally, of course delegating herself to the leading role.  I took this picture at the zoo
“oh, blythe!”
I’ve recently been thinking quite a bit about this series of toddler books surrounding a boy named David entitled, “Oh, David!” “No, David!” “David gets in Trouble.” “Ooops.” — you get the idea. Maybe I simply forget about the
I have been followed by the lingering smell of urine all day today. It seems that no matter where I traverse within my home or car, it wafts sweet, stinky mockery in my face, “I