15/52 + 16/52



olive | Every morning you brush your hair and tie it up on your own. Sometimes you ask to wear lip gloss, and when I tell you no, you respond, “but you do!” as if we are the same age.

blythe | You’ve been pushing some buttons lately, which has always been a flag that you need more quality time together. You’re getting older and, as such, our time together is growing sweeter, deeper. I’m grateful.

burke | You’re often like a cat, moving from one spot to another, lying in the sun. For a boy who barely slept as a baby, I can barely wake you now. You’re making up for lost time, I suppose.

liam | You entered a Lego contest this week, and on our way there, you noted, “I just realized a lot of kids might not know what this is.” I laughed at your old soul. You won a prize for the most sophisticated entry.



olive | You weren’t feeling that well this week, so I let you climb up on my bed and enjoy the ipad all on your own.

blythe | You began reading the Little House series this week, and I can hardly bare to think of how you’ll handle Jack’s death. We have a while before that though.

burke | After spending weeks (maybe months) sketching trees, you’ve moved on to eyes. “Aren’t eyes fascintating, mom?” You ask. They sure are, kid. As are you.

liam | You began The Lightning Thief series and are currently finishing one every other day. I have regularly wondered where you are, only to find you here or in the living room chair or outside with your book.

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  1. You capture them so well, Bethany.

    And could we please talk about how grown up Olive looks?! Like a teenager! The last photos of her show such a difference between now and a few months ago. I feel old saying this ;)


    1. Author

      I know! I can hardly believe it sometimes, Constanze. I know what parents mean when they say the childhood years zoom by. xo

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