A new mantra.


The last few weeks I’ve watched Blythe remove herself from varied activities to go sit down against a wall or in a random corner, only to declare, “I in time-out.” I’ve laughed to myself each time wondering what compels her to such an extreme (an extreme most toddlers loathe). However, when reconsidering her circumspect behavior, I realized there’s something for me to learn. I remember my mom at times locking herself in her bathroom “for privacy.” As children, we didn’t think much of it — only that it took grown-ups a lot longer to do their business — but they’re bigger, so somehow, it just made sense. Now I realize, she wasn’t going to the bathroom; she was having a self-imposed-time-out. It seems I have far underestimated this pregnancy in thinking I could maintain my “normal” lifestyle, the pace of it anyway. Apparently having that extra year of hiatus from being pregnant or nursing completely mislead me with my clear-thinking, energy, and orderly living. While other babies feed on placenta-provided nutrients, I’m convinced our little Olive eats mostly creativity and critical reasoning — the only “excuse” for the loss of my own. I know it’s temporary. Oh, (in case you missed it) during the last month, while I temporarily departed from the blogging world, we decided to name our new daughter Olive. “Peace.” Mark and I love the imagery of the olive branch throughout Scripture. No middle name yet. 

I had the epiphany yesterday that it was November — the middle of it. We have been busy with all sorts of random and ordinary things this last month, one of them being my 30th birthday. I’ll post pictures soon. I’ve also been reading several intriguing/insightful books, some of which I’ll be sure to “report on” when I’m finished. Meanwhile, the kids have been doing everything from learning to read to playing with friends to painting to fighting to wrestling to putting gum in their hair; here’s a typical day of dancing in the living room without their shirts


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  1. Funny Totila; I guess I figure Olive’s going to need to have some spunk being the youngest of this bunch.
    Hammy: You don’t even know. They’re all waiting for their shining moments in some downtown parade (the boys are waiting until they grow beards).
    Michael: And this is only a glimpse.

  2. judging from the looks of that picture, it appears the Douglass household could use a little peace.

  3. I love the Olive name, and it’s good to hear from you again. I know the Olive is about peace, but I’ve had some spicy olives, stuffed with garlic or jalapeños.

  4. I’ve missed your blog! Glad to see you’re back. I love the dancing class!

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