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Mother’s Day is this weekend in the US, and although it seems there is now a day to celebrate all sorts of things, of course this one and Father’s Day feel most precious. As both a daughter and a mother, I love that we have a day set apart to say thank you, to remind these precious women in our lives that they matter. I’m not quite sure what this weekend will look like for us yet, but if you’re looking for a few ideas in how to celebrate (or pass along to someone else–wink), here’s a few favorite ideas below. Happy Mother’s Day!


for the foodie

If mom is generally the one feeding others, it will certainly gift her to have someone else prepare something tasty for her instead this Sunday morning. For most any mother, breakfast in bed with a favorite book or magazine will feel luxurious, more like a bed and breakfast than a typical morning at home. Consider sesame toast with a poached egg and greens or  lavender french toast or a grain-free cherry crumble or of course my favorite blueberry scones. For a simpler option, run to get her favorite coffee or make a mimosa. Family brunch is another popular idea, and a fun way to include all the kids in preparation. For this option, consider something simpler to eat, like banana-blueberry pancakes or yogurt-granola parfait. Of course, even a morning out at her favorite eatery can be special. Check ahead to make a reservation as it’s a popular option.

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for the gardener 

For the woman who appreciates nature and plant life, plan to spend the day outdoors. Pack a picnic and head to a local flower garden or park. Consider these secrets for the perfect picnic or take this simple idea and create a beautiful spread in the backyard. Last year, I spent the day planting flowers in our beds on Mother’s Day, so possibly a trip to a local greenhouse or giving her time to work in the garden at home (alone or together, depending) might be a gift, too.

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for the adventurer 

Some women feel most at rest playing outdoors. Consider places you don’t typically go together. Would she love a day trip rock climbing or hiking or kayaking? Consider taking a family bike ride or offering her a day to herself to hike or ride on her own.

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  1. I’m due with my second (first daughter) on Mother’s Day, so what I would really like for my gift is to actually hold my baby in something other than my belly. ? I may have to settle for a spicy dinner and a long walk instead.

    This is a beautiful list!

    1. Author

      Thank you, and what a beautiful gift for you this Mother’s Day, Angela. I hope you have received your little one to your arms by now. xx

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