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I’m not sure why, but Valentine’s Day often sneaks up on me. Mark and I usually plan something small for ourselves, but I often forget about the exchange of sentimental goods kids share, too. I used to love it as a child. We’d decorate boxes and share cards and candy with one another. When my own kids were young, they didn’t really know (or care) or understand about Valentine’s Day, and I never pushed them into it–a heart-shaped cake or cookie usually did the trick. I still remember the year that changed. Since then, I make an effort to remember: they want to share on that day, too.

As I scoured the internet, laden with adorable Valentine DIYs, for ideas this year, I realized I would be doing a large amount of the work (which for me, defeats the purpose). I decided instead to just let the kids make their own. They love creating their own masterpieces to share with others and I’m always amazed at what their minds and hands can do together. I brought out the felt heart-shaped stickers and different washi tapes I found last weekend in the Target dollar section, along with several other art supplies we had on hand at home. After spreading them out across the table and introducing the materials (especially the ones in limited quantity), I let them loose to create. They cheered, literally. Meanwhile, I sat down with them, helping them spell names and creating on my own paper. The projects belonged to each of them: specific gifts handmade with love.

{materials we used–this can vary}

  • heart-shaped cookie cutters (for tracing)
  • washi tape
  • oil pastels
  • construction paper
  • red + white twine
  • felt heart stickers
  • glue sticks
  • scissors




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  2. Okay, you convinced me. I need to make some Valentines with Finley- maybe tomorrow morning’s craft :)

    1. Author

      Do it! We had so much fun, and the pastel handprints that ended up on the wall easily wiped off. I’m glad we detoured our morning to make time for it.

  3. What a fun and playful idea! I love little crafts like these. This year is definitely a low budget one for me, and I think this is what I’ll be doing for my loved ones this valentines day!

    1. Author

      I love these sort of things too, but often forget in the busyness of the day to day. It was fun to see how exciting and energizing it was for the kids and for me. Have fun building your own!

    1. Author

      Thank you, Victoria! I had forgotten, too. This was the first year for us to do it this way and certainly not the last. Not fancy, but perfect in so many other ways, right?

    1. Author

      I know! I sometimes get carried away and forget how happy the kids are to keep it simple.

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