last-minute thanksgiving


last_minute_thanksgivingSome of you already know fall is my favorite season for the crisp air, crunchy leaves, and warm scents, but I also love the Thanksgiving holiday. We are not farmers, and in spite of my dreamy idealism and previous gardens, we don’t live off of our land. I realize the holiday loses some of the weightiness and significance without the harvest time, without having worked so hard to cultivate all that sits at the table. Maybe this is the point of working so hard over a meal that we eat within 20 minutes, not necessarily that we prepare the most gourmet meal, but that we understand work and rest, together.

This fall season has been busier than I prefer, but I am looking forward to this week of rest, of creating and tasting and enjoying together with my family. For me, the pretty details always matter, even if we don’t have time to do all of them. In case any of you are needing a few last minute ideas or inspiration for your Thanksgiving meal, here are a few I’m tucking away this season:

// a cozy sweater to wear with comfy jeans, ankle boots, and a scarf

// tall taper candles to add a little drama to a simple buffet table

// gathered florals to use in small vases or even as a place setting, like this

// several delicious side-dish ideas to add something fresh and delectable



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