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list-making / unmade beds / holiday baking / endless amounts of pretend play / poetry and hot cocoa / new braids / gift wrapping / math work / bedtime reading / an ornament made by Blythe

Between finishing our homeschool year and my part-time job at the college and Mark’s weekend with Strep Throat and Kristen and Tim’s out-of-town work and our preparing for the Christmas holiday and my working on (an exciting) re-design for this blog, the last few weeks have been blurry. If I’ve seemed out-of-touch, you’ll know why. We all are looking forward to this holiday break, a chance to break our typical routine and breathe. The gifts are wrapped and today we’re folding a shocking amount of laundry to pack before we leave town tomorrow.  Here’s a few photos of our life lately.



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  1. As busy as you’ve been, you stil make time to respond to others. You are very thoughtful and don’t seem out of touch at all. I hope you have a wonderful trip, wherever you’re going!

    1. Thank you again for this, Amberly. I have felt like a whirlwind and am ready for a different change of pace. Best to you this holiday season! x

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