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When I first began homeschooling, all of my children were young pre-readers, but of course, if I began working with one child, the others often insisted they have “work” to do as well. This perhaps was the hardest transition for me since obviously I couldn’t help each of them at once, and none of them were old enough to work independently yet. This part has shifted and evolved each year for our family, but one thing I have really loved through the years are folder games. A dear friend was teaching 1st grade at the time and introduced the idea to me. So I began hunting for activities that would be easy to appease my independent pre-readers that could easily be put away when they were finished. I have several of them that I have assembled and keep in a folder box in a cubby. (I printed and laminated my games because I knew so many children would use them. It’s not necessary though.) When they want, the kids pull the box out and begin the game. Here’s one of the days I used Olive’s initiation of a weather matching folder game for an impromptu lesson on weather.



introduction to different types of weather and vocabulary about weather (15-20 minutes)


{materials used}

+ weather matching folder game (or these weather nomenclature cards for older kids)

+ What Will the Weather Be



Olive pulls out the folder game box while I’m working with the older kids. She selects the weather matching activity and begins to pull out the pieces. Intuitively, she begins spreading out the pieces (something all pre-schoolers enjoy!) and realizes they have matches. While she is doing this I quickly grab one of the books we own on weather–I adore this entire science series, by the way. I finish helping the older kids and tell them I’ll be working with Olive for a bit. They’re welcome to join in when the finish. Blythe does. We go through and discuss the weather labels on the cards. Olive then sits in my lap and we read What the Weather Will Be. Some of the information is too specific for Olive, but Blythe enjoys it. We discuss some of the new words together and Olive picks up her cards and puts the folders away.


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  1. Hi Bethany!
    I’ve been reading through some of your preschool postings and came across this one. I wanted to print these cards out for my son, but every time I go to print it’s prints blank pages. Would the link be too old or broken at this point? Any chance you still have this? It’s one of the more simpler ones I’ve found.
    Just curious, thank you for your words and the material!

    1. Author

      You were? How interesting. I would love to hear more about that experience some time. I was not, so this is all pretty new to me–learning right alongside them as I go. ;)

  2. LOVE this. G is growing and learning in major ways that knock my socks off. I’m trying to find lots of activities for her that we can do together. Thanks!!!

    1. Author

      You’re welcome! I’m so happy to give you a few simple tools for your time at home. x

  3. I LOVE this idea of using the folders. I have a feeling we will be in the stage of keeping small hands occupied while the bigger ones do school for a loooooong time. Genius!!! Keep the homeschool ideas coming!

    1. Author

      Oh man, I feel like I’m just at the end of that stage, and I have to admit, while they have more individual work to do, in many ways it feels easier overall. Thanks for the encouragement, friend. x

  4. I am seriously considering homeschooling someday… will have to pick your brain if we do. These posts are super inspiring and my biggest question when I think about you homeschooling is how you’d manage 4 kids with it! xo

    1. Author

      Somedays I’m not sure how I do either–a lot of grace, for sure. Although some days are really difficult and I have to find time for myself and my personal work in other ways, I’m grateful for this time with them. I think it’s one of the gifts I just can’t fully understand the magnitude or appreciate up close, while in it. I write to record these years because I do think one day I’ll really miss them. As crazy as they are at times. I’m always glad to share whatever I can. x

  5. That’s awesome! We run into the same thing when Rowan wants to join in on Reese’s activities. Where do you get the cards?

    1. Author

      I made them from the PDF in the link. Let me know if you have trouble seeing it. I’m sure Rowan would love some of these activities!

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