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Once upon a moon, I shared simple basics from my closet here. It was a way I celebrated what I already owned and some of the ways I reinvented these essentials with a new piece or two each season. (And yes, these are inadvertently the same jeans from this post almost two years ago–still an essential in my closet, although I admit a little bit tighter.) But somewhere through life, this part fell through the cracks here. I am not a fashion blogger or a trendy shopper, so I wasn’t sure how my clothing actually fit in this space. Unashamedly, I do love quality design and even shopping, yet just as with other areas of our life, I’ve been learning the joy of living with less, of living within our budget (even when it’s quite small), and of course learning how to choose pieces I love not just for this season but also for the next and next. I am a maturing essentialist in every aspect of home life, work, and style, and that does fit here. All to say, I’m bringing my closet back into this space again. Wink.

I recently cleaned out my closet again, preparing it for the colder season by tucking away summer dresses and tops and pulling out warmer sweaters and knits. Seeing my favorite pieces from previous seasons feels a bit like Christmas. I again took notice of the colors, textures, and fits I’m drawn to year after year, shedding pieces from the summer that I didn’t wear and asking myself the hard questions about why that is. These little inventories help me understand my personal style and also to better recognize the types of pieces that compliment them. I tend to stick with soft textures in neutral tones, and although I wear do enjoy wearing dresses, I tend to be a daily jeans and t-shirt/sweater type of person. I’m okay with that.

Everlane, a company I’ve long admired for their simple basics and transparency, recently sent this V-neck cashmere sweater from their new collection to me, and I can tell already it will be a long-time favorite for its softness, versatility, and [let’s face it] color. Although I do have one sweater from a few seasons ago in a warm chartreuse and another in a deep plum, most of my knits are in various shades of grey and brown. Some might call it boring. I call it versatile. Wink. More than one of my children have even commented on this sweater’s softness when they’ve given me a hug or are snuggled up during a read-a-loud, rubbing their cheek on my shoulder a bit longer. It feels like a thin, luxe blanket, something I can get excited about having in my own closet for many years.

On a different note, Everlane also launched its first kid’s line this week, including a piece similar to this one if you’re looking to add a super soft basic to your wee one’s closet. My girls and I have a few matching pieces in other brands, and I’m always heart-warmed by how much they love dressing like me. Unfortunately, they’re already too big for this line, as they would certainly love it.

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