style essential no. 04



Ok, are ripped jeans essential to a closet? Maybe not, but they are seriously one of my favorite pieces from my closet, something I reach for weekly. I have loved wearing them with oversized sweaters and flats this winter, but as we have had a few warm days recently, I decided to pair my ripped jeans with something more feminine and cool to give my winter arms some sun. 

All images by Fidelis Studio for Cloistered Away.

Gap 1969 deconstructed jeans / JCrew draped pocket tank / No Promises fedora / slipped-in suede journal / Mossimo belt / Sam Edelman Petty boot

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  2. Beautiful. This looks so effortless and perfect on you. You’re quite the natural beauty! I wouldn’t say no to a photographer sibling on hand either!

    1. Author

      Thank you, Sarah. And yes, Kristen is such a gift in more ways than just her photography skills. ;) Happy weekend to you.

    1. Author

      The white tee/ripped jean is classic. Thanks so much for sharing and introducing yourself, Michaela.

    1. Author

      You’re so sweet, Danielle. Today I’m wearing old jeans and a sweatshirt to paint in. I assure you, I’m not looking great. (Wink.)

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