the season of resurrection


Spring has finally arrived in our part of the world. Everywhere I turn, color bursts from greyed, barren branches and forgotten fields. Even my skin is different, now pink with sunlight, toes exposed to the chilly fresh air. It is the season when life and death meet, when we behold in nature what C.S. Lewis described of Aslan and the White Witch meeting together in Narnia, “the golden face and the dead-white face so closely together.” This is the season of resurrection. We experience this restoration to life in our surroundings in nature, but also in the celebration of Easter, the celebration of the risen Christ . . . . {sharing more today over at We Resolve}


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  1. have missed your blog so much! haven’t been in the blogosphere as much lately, but was itching to get over here. so much beauty to catch up on whenever i go too long between visits… but that’s a good thing! that first image is so magical and soft… ethereal, just like i love a photo to be! love the time of newness in nature all around… and how it reminds us of the theme of restoration throughout God’s word. i wrote about this as well last night.

    looking forward to perusing all the latest posts i missed.

    1. Author

      Thank you, Georgia! I find it’s always good to take a little break from these spaces. We all need space to hear, to breathe.

  2. Amen. Even though it is Autumn here in Australia, I still feel the change and the renewal of seasons. The leaves start to fall, making way for a Spring that is to come. Resurrection and new life approaches us. Praise God for that!

    1. Author

      Yes! I love seasons. It seems each one has so many lessons to share, if we’ll listen. Thanks for sharing, Samantha!

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