week15-3week15-4week15week15-2“a weekly portrait of each of my children in 2014”

liam // Our school work has been simple and sparse this last month with all the moving and change. Still, you’ve been working hard to commit 500+ facts in eight different subjects to memory this year (including a historical timeline). You’ll recite this information four different times, with four different adults within the month.  This week, we have been reciting and reciting and reciting. I see your face light up as you near this goal.

burke // This week we worked to clear more of the yard encroaching the house. You tapped me on the shoulder, “Look, mom! He likes me.” This was only one of four snakes you all found this day. Each one you studied and played with and released back into the grass.

blythe // Since you were young you expressed yourself with neatly organized, vibrant color. At seven, this is still true. I see vibrancy in your clothing, your art, your heart.

olive // We took you out for frozen yogurt this week to celebrate a week of nights without sucking your thumb. You picked all of your toppings, which included a hot pink Peep.

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  1. always love your kids’ weekly portraits. cute kids. but love the style of your photos, too… just effortless and relaxed. if that’s your living room in that third shot… wow! it’s so beautiful. i can tell even just from that small vignette. looks like you are settling in.

    1. Author

      Thank you, Georgia. Yes! Blythe’s picture is in our living room. So many things are still unfinished, but we are settling in and trying to establish a routine again.

  2. Author

    Thank you, Corina! I know, we’ve been finding too many snakes around our yard for my own comfort. I suppose it’s a part of what happens when you move into a neglected home. ;)

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