As we’re now rolling into the end of February, I’m wishing more than ever that I could channel superpower to freeze time. I suppose that’s the privilege you earn for having to relate to your alien father through a crystal on your nightstand. For me, these last days of pregnancy have been characterized less by my erratic emotions (although I’m sure they still occur) and more by my now marshmallow-man-shaped body waddling our creaky wood floors like a crazed woman binging on cleaning and organizational sprees. I think “they” refer to this as nesting. So, since I don’t have powers to the likings of Evie or Mary Poppins, my time for writing as of late (in case you hadn’t noticed) has devolved into mere moments of reflection caught during one of my five to six nighttime potty breaks or while cleaning cabinets, alphabetizing CDs, organizing closets, . . . etc., without one word transferred to paper or screen. Alas — something has got to give. For the time, anyway, everyone and most  everything has a place in our home, including our soon-to-arrive Olive. Below I included a few pictures that some of you have requested of two of the more fun-to-see aforementioned projects, Olive’s room and Blythe’s new big-girl room, which also happens to be the guest room if any of you fancy a sleep-over. (Don’t worry — we’ll temporarily move Blythe and her hobbit-sized bed out for the stay.)

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  1. After seeing your adorable rooms here, I have been scouring the web for wall decals that will work for my house. What a great idea and too cute! I’ve missed reading your posts! Glad you’re back!

    1. Again. Thank you both for the compliments, and I’m certainly glad to “be back.” Although, I hope now with more consistency.

  2. That is such a peaceful and beautiful baby room! Even if you didn’t draw the birds, the placement and wall color is just perfect – I’m super-impressed!

  3. Honestly, if I hadn’t needed the crib, I would have left her in there a little longer. She’s been waking up at night, which I think started due to her 4 molars that recently came in, but unfortunately it also created this habit of Blythe getting out of bed in the middle of the night. She was climbing out of her crib, so we needed to do it. Mostly, she transitioned really well though. In retrospect, I should have waited until after her teeth arrived.

  4. The rooms are splendid.
    How did Blythe’s transition from crib to hobbit bed go? I realized today that Hudson is about to bust out of the pack ‘n play that’s been his bed for over two years now. I think he feels cozy and safe in there though, and am loathe to mess around with his fantastically great sleep.

  5. Thanks. And as much as I’d love to take credit for having painted the murals…they’re sticker,courtesy of While the birds took all of five minutes to get up, the wisteria did take 3-4 hours to arrange the vines and leaves before adhesing (I only had one shot). Thanks for the compliments and for missing me.

  6. beautiful! There were two freaky friday moments in your blog post though: 1) Whenever I answer the question “What super power do you wish you had?” I always say I want to be able to stop time like that one girl on that one show – thank you for enlightening me on her actual name. 2) I ADORE the seagulls! I’ve been craving doing a seagull graphic for some time, but was thinking dining room. It looks so good bethany! Is it stencil or sticker or amazing free-hand-skills or what?

  7. Love the rooms! Did you paint the murals? Too pretty. Can’t wait to come stay in Blythe’s new room…no need to move the hobbit bed for me! Hope you continue to feel well and that you get all the organizing you need to do (ha!) before Olive makes her appearance. Love to you all.

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