“a portrait of each of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014”

liam // This week it rained bringing out the little creatures from hiding. Your sister found this guy and you held him, fascinated by his thorn-like forehead. You also made some major advances on the skateboard this week, which made you happy. You managed them without severe harm to your body, which made me happy.

burke // You have been reading Poppy this week (and just finished). On several moments during the day, I’ll find you tucked into the corner of chairs or back into your bed. I love hearing you narrate the story to me, the way you add dramatic voice and motions to your characters. You’ve told me recently you want to be an actor, and listening to your dramatizations, I think you would make a very good one.

blythe // When I returned late from the airport last night, I found this heart at the doorstep made from grass clippings–your welcome home gift to me. I love your thoughtfulness and the way you express yourself by giving to others, this time, to me. Thank you, sweetheart.

olive // I often find you creating something at your art table, something new to clip to your wall or the fridge. Your art is controlled and wild at once, full of imagination and spirit, just like you.

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  1. Oh your images of your children get me every time! So inspiring! And I love your observations about your children (I know I’ve said this before). And with a little boy with a wild flair, it’s good for my momma’s heart to watch you from afar encourage your boy’s interest on the skateboard, even after a banged up face! Truly encouraging.

    1. Author

      Thank you so much, Gabrielle. One of the reasons I’m doing this project is to know them each a little more, to really see them as individuals, so I’m encouraged by your words. Thanks.

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