42/52 + 43/52



 “a portrait of each of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014”

liam // We’ve talked often this week about privilege and responsibility. It makes me feel so old and parental, but I suppose that’s partly what I am.

burke // This week you told me that dad and I expect too much of you guys. Although I disagree, I am taking it to heart, re-evaluating our days and work. It’s hard to impart perspective to you all, to prepare you for the adult years looming while still allowing you to be children. We all need so much grace in growing as a family.

blythe // At a ranch we visited, you and I ran around in a circle, pushing these bags like a merry-go-round, while Oli rode and enjoyed it. We also hopped on to enjoy the momentum for as long as possible.

olive // You did the Home Alone face all on your own. It seems appropriate.



liam // You picked out your favorite pumpkin this week and have been deciding whether to carve it or paint it.

burke // You are the silliest, Burke, yet also so serious. You always appear as though you are thinking the world all over again.

blythe // You loved the tall, white horse and took your care of him very seriously.

olive // Catching free rides from me and Blythe. You have such a strong, determined spirit.

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  1. My kids love Oil Ranch–it always makes me yearn for more wide open space in our daily life. Plus a barn full of hay. Also baby goats.

    I can see glimpses of man in Liam’s face. He is going to be a good one, I can tell.

    1. Author

      So sweet of you to say about Liam. I agree completely.
      It was the first time we had been to Oil Ranch, and the kids had a blast! The barn was the highlight, although I would have liked it better if I hadn’t been sneezing so much. ;)

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