kitchen phase 02 | tear it out
When we first bought the house, the kitchen was dark and ugly. The faucet leaked incessantly so that the sealant around the sink wouldn’t hold. Although the space was decently sized, there was barely any
kitchen phase 01 | paint it white
As most of you know, we closed on a new (very old) home on Valentine’s Day of this year. Covered in 50 year old dingy carpet, layers of aged wallpaper, a pink bathroom, a dark,
1  |  2  |  3  |  4 Our new home was built in 1921 and moved to its current location in the late 1940s. The wood floors are covered with splattered paint and uneven wear,
bits of home
Between the time change last weekend, our absent children, and this move, the last week has been disorienting and awkward, especially online. We’ve been restoring and repairing our home as we’ve been moving in, and
inspiration no. 06
I imagine at this point everyone in the Northern hemisphere has tired of winter. Even though Saturday was warm here, the trees are still barren and shadeless and once again covered in frost and ice.
wildflower dream catchers
Today, I’m introducing Alycia Mealy, the free-spirited blogger at Wildflower and creator at Wildflower Dream Catchers. I really love Alycia’s work , especially how she uniquely incorporates her love of nature into each piece: branches, pine cones, feathers,
our new home: the desecrated becoming sacred
Wendell Berry once wrote, “There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places.” I couldn’t help mulling these words as we walked through our new property this weekend, laden with disrepair
inspiration no. 05
I have always loved white. My family regularly teases me about it, but I adore how white draws attention away from itself to the details surrounding it, whether it’s an object’s form, the texture and