small finds no. 01
1. origami lamp shade, $46  \\   2. vintage skirt, $20  \\  3. cement planter, $25  \\   4. hammered gold + copper rings, $340  \\    5. Untitled Grey 1 print, $20-$55 When I put
inspiration no.4
  cozy dinner | clustered taper candles | blanket throws | utensils in glass jars | printable thankful tags | simple table setting | a pretty blouse | collected plant life I love minimalist decor
inspiration no. 2
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 We’ve been renovating the three bathrooms here, at one point leaving the 10 (9 potty-trained) inhabitants here with one shared bathroom to use — yikes! That situation
inspiration no. 1
swing | paper cranes| chalkboard wall | water colors As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we sold our home. What I didn’t mention is we are moving in with my sister (Kristen), brother-in-law (Tim), and
Our Life: Under Construction.
I know. I know. It was all going so well here this spring, writing each week, weaving tales and posting pictures about our life. And then, BAM, nothing. For too long. I promise I will
As we’re now rolling into the end of February, I’m wishing more than ever that I could channel superpower to freeze time. I suppose that’s the privilege you earn for having to relate to your