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As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we sold our home. What I didn’t mention is we are moving in with my sister (Kristen), brother-in-law (Tim), and their two children, Shepherd and Brighten. Let’s refer to it as a cohabitation experiment. In the past, we’ve had young singles live with us, but this will be a first for combining entire families. Stick around — things may get really interesting here. (Wink.)

To prepare for the move, the four adults have been busy rearranging, tearing out, building, and preparing spaces. Currently, Kristen and I are recreating what will be the play + school room for our combined six children. We began this last week with a fresh coat of white paint and a chalkboard wall. Here’s a few things inspiring our design. Happy Monday!

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  1. oh wow. love the inspiration, but i can also speak to the cohabitation thing too… did you know that my mother-in-law lives with us? it is an interesting challenge. but i’m grateful for how intentional it has made me. my time, my space, my words, my love, and my thoughts. i realize m.i.l’s are a different thing altogether, but i will be thinking about you. it’ll be great. xoxo

    1. I didn’t know that — wow is right. I’m sure we’ll have tales to swap soon, although I agree it is a bit different. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate your word “intentional” as I feel the same is happening here in me already. I invite it. xo

  2. I would love to hear the process of condensing/paring down/hewing (you decide which metaphor is best) that you go through as you transition. This is a constant struggle in my brain. It comes up every time the husband and I discuss the future. We met a young couple at our CC presentation night this weekend who live in Charlottesville, VA, where they own and run a small coffee shop just across from the UVA campus. He is also a photographer. The husband and I were thinking about how delightful (busy, to be sure, but delightful) that lifestyle would be. We love college students! We love smallish college towns! We love coffee!

    So, I will pray that you and Mark (and the rest of us) find your beautiful place to live out your days richly.

    And now, I have to load the kids into the car so I can go file paperwork to get a homestead exemption on our taxes. So.

    1. Patti! I somehow missed your comment — and speaking of coffee shops — I wish we could sit down in one and talk. As for metaphors, they’re overflowing here in many of the ways you described. I hope to speak on it soon, here or by email. Thank you for your prayer.

  3. What a wonderful idea to create a play + school room! I love your ideas too (from the pictures) the bare white will make all the colors pop for sure!
    My little family and I lived with my dad and his family of 4 for all of last year. We finished their unfinished basement and created two nice size rooms for ourselves and you know what – it was an unexpected wonderful experience with 7 people and 3 dogs in their house! Big family dinners are a blast too! Also, just imagine if you and your man want to have a date, you have live in babysitters! ;)

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