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Normally, we spend our Spring Breaks visiting friends or family out-of-town and filling our days with fun, atypical activities. Not this year. This year, we cleaned out and organized (most of) our home to list on the housing market. Mark spent several of his days off from teaching buried in research for a paper he’s trying to have published this semester, and by Thursday of last week, all I could manage to say was, “this goes down as the worst Spring Break ever.” Sorry kids.

BUT then Friday came, and friends invited me and the kids out for a day trip to a state park (complete with a living farm). Of course, we gratefully joined them. I needed to leave my home and to be outdoors with friends. We all did for that matter. So thank you, friends, for taking us with you on your visit to the pioneer’s life, for softening the blow of hard circumstances, and for ending our Spring Break on a bright note — an afternoon filled with washboards and gardens and animals and handmade wooden tools and laughter and sun.  I’m so thankful for you.


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  1. Was that the Sauer-Beckman (sp?) Home? We went there many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was especially impressed by the Belgian horses. Wish we could have been there. I always love getting news of your family. Sorry for not replying often. Keep ’em coming, please.

    Love, t.

    1. Hi Totilla! I’m not quite sure of the name; it was Washington on the Brazos State Park. There were more things there than we could see in a few hours, so I’m sure we’ll visit again! I hope you all are well. Much love to you guys.

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