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{two ways}


JACKET (similar herehere, or here)

DAY: dress | boots | earrings | sunglasses | bag

NIGHT: blouse | jeans | earrings (similar here or here) | clutch | heels

When it comes to clothing, I’m a sucker for two things: grey and stripes. Actually, that may be true beyond clothing now that I think of it. And since I have a very tiny clothing budget, I like for the pieces I buy to flexibly mesh for all sorts of occasions  So when I saw this jacket at Target for $25 a couple of weeks ago, I knew it would be a perfect addition to a Spring wardrobe, easily adapted to a day or night outing. Sadly, I didn’t buy it and it’s now sold out online. Womp, womp, womp. But I thought, in the event they still have it in a store near you, I would share it (and if not, I linked to some that are similar). Also note, each piece (aside from the jeans) are UNDER $50 (which may be why they keep disappearing)! What pieces are changing up your wardrobe this Spring?

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  1. I tried on a jacket very similar to that one at the J Crew outlet a few weeks ago and it was significantly more than $25, even on sale. I did not buy it, but it was very cute. I’m not really a sandal girl, but Target has some cute choices right now, so I ordered a red pair because I ordered a pair of rain boots for Harper, and it was buy one, get 50% off another pair. I played right into their little scheme. I did buy a new pair of skinny fit white ankle length jeans at the J Crew outlet, and a pair of seersucker Bermuda shorts (which caused Harper to ask if they were Daddy’s shorts. Which hurt my feelings). I really want some sort of peasant-ish white t-shirt, but haven’t found just the right one yet.

    1. Blythe was sitting on the couch with me the other patting my stomach when she said, “mom, your belly feels like a cow.” It hurt my feelings even though I know she also meant nothing by it. Sometimes our children bring us glory with their words and other times they humble us. Cue: shoulder slump. I’ll keep my eyes open for a great peasant shirt. xo

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