olive | You seem to be shifting daily, looking less and less little each day. You’ve been sleeping later this week, some days until mid-morning, an indication you might be growing or working harder to
an Instagram series | editing your phone photos
I like to think of editing less as a fix-it shop and more as the place where photos come to life, where the story or subject is emphasized. Honestly, there’s not an exact science to this
olive | For Mother’s Day, you hugged me and said, “mom, I love that you are always kind to me and never feist me.” “Do you mean fight?” I asked. “No,” you assured me. “I
an Instagram series |taking images with your phone
For the last year, I’ve intended to feature a little Instagram series here. I’m quite flattered when I receive questions on IG and in my inbox on how I use the app, especially when there
17/52 + 18/52
olive| You found a turtle in our backyard this week and named him Wonder Kay Douglass. Wonder–for the way you said he must think about the world, and Kay after your middle name. You asked
15/52 + 16/52
olive | Every morning you brush your hair and tie it up on your own. Sometimes you ask to wear lip gloss, and when I tell you no, you respond, “but you do!” as if
giveaway | a photo workshop with Ginger Unzueta
I think all mothers sense the fleeting nature of childhood at some point. We grow a longing to pause life just long enough to breathe it a little deeper, laugh a little longer, and enjoy
14 | What does courage mean? Can you think of a time when you had to be really courageous? olive | It was brave when I slept without my blanket and when I stopped sucking my
Time always moves faster than we expect. Like fishing with bare hands, I often grasp at it, trying to hold still all that is so slippery and wild. More pictures. More words. More to remember