the last of fall


To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
An eternity in an hour. {william blake}


I’m thankful for seasons, how they allow us to hold time in our hands and, for a moment, to physically touch something eternal. Such a gift. Sweet farewell, Fall.

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  1. so fun! i miss fall so much. and all seasons, really. reminds me of jumping in the giant leaf piles my step-dad would make us!

    1. I love Fall, and we rarely get it here–a good one anyway. Leaf piles are the best! I grateful we had some to jump in this year. Happy Friday!

  2. these images are amazing. I am missing fall and sort of dreading the winter. But I am still thankful for the change in seasons

    1. Thank you, Alecia! Our Fall arrives so late here in Texas–I’m just grateful we had leaves to play in! Wishing you some fresh snow for the holiday season! x

  3. Gorgeous! I wish I could have done the same but winter has already snuck up on us here in Wisconsin! It was kind of pretty having a “white” Thanksgiving :)

    1. Sounds absolutely dreamy to me. It snowed last Christmas, but it’s rare. So I always enjoy admiring snow from afar. Today it’s in the 80s. Hmph. Enjoy the white for me!

  4. love these photos! captured such great moments. as a kid jumping in the leaves was a fall favourite, i think everyone needs to have leaves in their hair at least once in their lives haha!

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