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When we first decided to homeschool, I felt intimidated about teaching my children to read. I am an avid reader. My husband is an avid reader. Both of us having university degrees in writing and the liberal arts. Our home is filled with hundreds of books and rich conversation. Why did I feel panicked about teaching reading? Of course, I knew how to read, but I couldn’t remember how I learned. Could I break it down well enough to teach my own children? Nine years later, with three––nearly four––fluent readers, I want to encourage parents of younger children: DON’T BE AFRAID.

What will you talk about? 

During this 60 minute live webinar, I hope to quell fear and doubt, and instead empower parents with tools and skills to help their young children learn and love to read. We’ll also end with time for questions and answers. I will discuss

  • our personal story of reading lessons across four different curriculums and temperaments
  • learning styles
  • developmental/environmental factors that affect reading
  • curriculum: is it necessary?
  • when to seek help
  • personal misunderstandings, discouragement, and frustration on the journey
  • finding a balanced and adapted approach
  • our favorite tools and resources
  • Q+A with audience

This webinar will not offer a didactic step-by-step curriculum, but it will provide many ideas, resources, and tools to implement in your own home.

Who is this for?

This webinar is for anyone

  • interested in helping their children learn to read.
  • feeling overwhelmed or frustrated with reading lessons.
  • curious about our personal journey, style, and methods.
  • beginning homeschooling.

I missed the live webinar. Can I still watch it? 

Yes! Click the link to purchase the recorded webinar.


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Notes : Once you have paid for the webinar in Paypal, you must click “return to merchant” at the bottom of the PayPal receipt in order to add your name and email and officially complete registration. Feel free to comment or email with any questions or feedback. Thank you for your support.

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  2. Author

    I just realized I often reply to these comments in private emails, which may not help future people who are interested in this webinar. Don’t worry, I didn’t leave these readers hanging. ;) The webinar is available by registering, just follow the instruction to “return to merchant” afterward. Thanks everyone!

  3. Hello! I would also love to purchase the webinar and would like to get on a list to be informed once it’s available for download. Thanks so much!
    Be well

  4. When will it be available for purchasing after please? Thanks so much!

    1. Author

      Right now! Just register through the button and make sure to click return to merchant at the bottom of the PayPal page. ?

      1. I tried twice but when I click on register it just takes me to a page that says the webinar is no longer available.

        1. Author

          I apologize, Sarah. We’re working on it and I will be sure to contact you when the link is working properly. Thanks for your patience!

          1. Oh it’s completely fine! Please take your time I just was making sure I wasn’t missing something! Thank you and blessings!

  5. Will you be recording this webinar to offer later viewings?

    1. Author

      Yes, the live webinar will be 10am CST on the 16th, but all registrants who cannot participate live will receive a link in their email to watch the recorded version afterward at their convenience. It will also be available to purchase here afterward. ;)

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